Please note: Current services are being offered VIRTUALLY ONLY during COVID-19.

Individual Counselling (online)

These sessions are available for individuals, and they run for 50 minutes. These are a great option if you find it challenging to make it into the office, or would prefer to talk from the comfort of your home. To offer this option we use a platform called Zoom which is a video chat program with more enhanced security. In order to utilize this counselling option you will need:

  • a computer/tablet/smartphone
  • a good internet connection
  • a safe and comfortable environment where you can speak openly
  • a headset (recommended for audio quality)

Individual Counselling (in person – currently unavailable)

These sessions run for 50 minutes and offer a space to talk through whatever is on your heart, guide you through coping mechanisms, or strategize the next big steps. This is an ideal option if you enjoy that face-to-face connection, the opportunity to connect in person, and having a safe place to go for some time away, just for you.

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