Client Thoughts

While our sessions are private and confidential, these are some of the experiences of past clients who offered to share!

“I am so glad I found Ashley! After my second child was born, I found myself struggling to juggle the responsibilities of my career, motherhood and my marriage. I suffered from chronic, ‘mom-guilt’, worrying that I wasn’t doing enough for my family and despite a good relationship with my husband, I could feel us becoming more distant. I have never had experience with counselling before, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was so happy to be met with non-judgement, respect and support. Ashley’s such a wonderful listener and gave me PRACTICAL tools to help with the overwhelm and get myself into a better headspace. I also love that she employs modern techniques to help (meditation, journaling, etc.,)  Since starting I feel so much more at ease in my own life. I’m calmer with my kids, I’m more able to enjoy the good stuff and I am happier! I highly recommend Ashley. Quite simply, she has changed my life.” – RL 

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